DripScent Four Ounce Thin Drip Pouch

The DripScent drip bags are the first of their kind. DripScent drip bags offer a continuous drip for up to 2 days. The DripScent drip bags come available for thick and thin liquid viscosities for use with varying types of fillers. Each DripScent bag features a patent pending closure that is resealable, allowing for filling and refilling multiple times. The patent pending DripScent closure also allows the hunter to use their favorite scents, gels, saps, liquids, and attractants.

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  • Delco Products, Thin Drip Bags, DripScent, Perfect for Hunting, Four Ounce Thin, Works with most major brands of thin liquid viscosity attractants, repellents, cover scents and urines (both natural and synthetic).
  • Keeps the scent fresh while creating a long lasting aroma. Works for thin liquids like urine, gels, stump drips, liquid feed & liquid attractants.
  • Works especially well for trapping and luring wild game. such as Deer, Elk, Bear, Large Cats, Coyote, Boar, Varmint, etc. Can be filled and refilled multiple times through our patent pending closures.
  • Can be capped and moved without spilling or leaking. Protects products from environmental dilution. Lasts up to 2 days.