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You’re making a wise decision to learn more about what Delco has to offer hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Delco has worked with the newest technological developments in the hunting and fishing industries to offer our customers the best brands for attracting fish and game out into the open. When you rely upon Delco brands to lure prey closer to your area, you are taking the frustration out of the experience. Our brands allow people the freedom to enjoy the benefits of nature without having to return home empty-handed. Take a look at our selection of gear that will make your next outdoor adventure a successful one.

At Delco, we believe that getting in touch with nature shouldn’t be an exhaustive process that leaves hunting and fishing enthusiasts feeling sorry about waking up early in the morning. If you’re putting time and energy into catching fish or shooting game, you shouldn’t feel like you’ve wasted an entire morning sitting in the cold for nothing. Hunters will find a nice offering of scents to help attract big game to their sites, so they will have better chances at catching the bucks they desire. Likewise, fishing enthusiasts will have a more enjoyable experience if they are actually reeling in fish instead of waiting around for nothing.

Get in Touch With Nature

The smell of pines and the cool breeze upon your cheeks are part of the experience that every outdoor enthusiast enjoys. Catching game and reeling in fish aren’t the only reasons that people take time away from their normal routines. Many outdoor enthusiasts spend their days in office environments or working tedious jobs that require focused attention. The mundane routines we work throughout the week drain our senses, which is why we look to nature to calm us. Nature provides an essential balance that every individual craves. Even if you enjoy your dayjob, you deserve a break from the monotony, and the great outdoors is the answer for which you have been waiting.

Throughout the week, you’ve been busy listening to the sound of car horns on the turnpike, and your cellphone has been ringing nonstop. Turn off your phone, and park your car in the shade of a tall tree. Nature will be calling you, and it’s up to you to answer. The benefits of nature are astronomical. You’ll find peace and relaxation when you leave your home and office behind, and you might even catch something to bring home to your family. When it’s time to put dinner on the table, you’ll look like a champion when you provide sustenance for your entire family. However, you might need some added assistance to get the job done.

Every Hunter Needs Great Gear

The thrill of hunting for big game brings outdoor enthusiasts out of the woodwork and into the trees and bushes. The wait for hunting season to open gives every sporting enthusiast the time to acquire enough gear to make the next season count. Whether their intention is to put a trophy on their wall or feed their family, every hunter must be willing to purchase essential gear to make their job easier. They buy the right guns and ammo, they spend their evenings at the range to test their aim, and they spend early mornings in their tree stand. However, every hunter stands to benefit from using specific products that are engineered to attract the game they intend to find in the brush.

At Delco, we’ve engineered three versatile brands that work great to lure game to your area. Their versatility implies that they will work with other types of scents, and they pair well with other saps and attractants as well. We believe that every hunter should try our products in combination with their current practices in order to enhance their experience. The object of the game is to enjoy the great outdoors while catching the right size prize that you desire. Use Delco to set your aim a little higher than what you’ve been experiencing in the field.

Our three brands of products are DripScent, Trail Blaster, and Hog. They each have their own specific purpose in the field, so you should experiment with different combinations of each to get a different result. Quit wasting your time sitting in a treestand without firing a single shot, and use Delco to get the results that you desire.


DripScent by Delco comes shipped to you in a four ounce drip package. The package is thin, so you won’t have any trouble putting it into your pack, or you can slide it into your pocket until you’re ready to use it in the field. Unlike some of the inferior products on the market, DripScent lasts for up to two days. The continuous drip helps lure prey to your target area, so you won’t have to worry about moving around all over the place. Just sit back, and watch the DripScent pouch bring game to you.

If you’re the eco-friendly type of outdoor enthusiast, then you are going to love the fact that these pouches are reusable. They are versatile in the way that they allow the hunter to add whichever types of liquids they prefer. Hunters may add a variety of saps and other attractants to the pouch before setting the drip to lure game to them. When the hunt is over, the pouch has a cap that allows the hunter to seal it up for later. Hunters that want to attract deer, elk, moose, and other wild game will approve of this product.

Trail Blaster:

You probably already know that the game that you’re hunting can smell your scent from a great distance. Did you know that there’s a way to enhance your hunting experience by covering your scent? This exciting new product from Delco releases a strong odor that is meant to mask the scent of the hunter, and it also entices game to approach the area by incorporating natural odors like deer urine.

Our Trail Blaster brand is a line of scent dispersement products. They’re available in two sizes. The Trail Blaster parent unit is for large hunting parties, or it can be used by hunters that plan to be in the field for several days. Otherwise, the Trail Blaster mini is a smaller unit that offers enough odors to help cover a single scent. This product is a great way to enhance your hunting experience because it covers natural scents that many hunters do not recognize.


When you need something extra to entice wild hogs to your area, Hog Feast and Hog Sauce are the right products for you. Hog Feast is made of natural ingredients, including corn and grain. The strong scent of Hog Feast is powerful enough to bring hogs out from hiding. Hog Sauce uses a similar concept, but this formula is a liquid attractant. Both of these fine products work great when accompanied by the DripScent package.

Gear to Help You Catch Fish

For most fishing enthusiasts, the thrill of the sport comes from hooking a fish that is worth bringing home for dinner. There’s no point in waiting around all day to catch a couple of guppies. Quit disappointing your entire fishing crew by using inferior bait. Why waste your money on lures and tackle when you could catch a big fish with Delco’s products? Our fishing brands include products that have been rigorously tested in the field, so you’re likely to find the fish that you’ve been seeking.

Fishing takes patience because you need to get up early in the morning to sit and wait for a bite. It’s a relaxing sport that gets people in touch with the best parts of nature. However, fishing enthusiasts don’t like to go through all of the effort of going out on a fishing trip to come back home with nothing to show for their efforts. Take time to familiarize yourself with what Delco has put together to improve your next fishing experience. At Delco, we want our customers to enjoy the adventure of fishing with bait that will help them catch the fish that they deserve.

DripScent Fishing Lure:

Are you tired of throwing your arm out trying to get your hook over to the best part of the fishing hole? When you want the fish to come to you, try DripScent Fishing Lures. DripScent Fishing Lures use the same basic concepts that are incorporated into DripScent for hunters: fill the pouch with your favorite attractants to call fish away from their hiding spots. This special pouch fits nicely into your tackle box, or you can tuck it away into your vest for safekeeping.

Fishing is a relaxing experience when you go out on the water by yourself. However, it’s hard to get the fish interested in your lure when there are a couple dozen other fishing poles around. It’s also a good idea to incorporate this item when you’re bringing a large group out to fish on the water. If you want to impress your party by finding the perfect spot to fish, you need to enhance your game by filling your DripScent Fishing Lure drip pouch with an attractant that you know will work. Before you bring a group out onto the water, it’s a good idea to test out a few types of attractants to see which type works best to draw fish.


The biggest kept secret at Delco is our Diatract Formula 10 All Species Combo Pack. With this impressive product, you won’t need to worry about which type of fish are biting in your part of the water. This product has been tested and developed by a company that is equipped with over 30 years of fishing experience, so you know you can trust it. Best of all, this attractant performs in all seasons. The product attracts fish, and it keeps them from feeling full, so they’ll stick around long enough to get caught.

About Delco Hunting and Fishing Products

All the products that Delco offers are made with the intent of enhancing the thrilling experience of these outdoor sports. The company was founded by an engineer who was an outdoor enthusiast long before he started the company. The founder grew up fishing and hunting with his father and grandfather, so he already had a passion for these exciting sports. However, he found his calling when he sought to enhance the experience shared with other outdoor enthusiasts by developing several products that work well with the gear that enthusiasts already use in their conquests. Delco products are universal, which is an appeal to hunters and anglers who have already invested resources into purchasing expensive guns, ammo, rods, and reels.

Get Ready for an Adventure

When you’re ready to start your big outdoor adventure, you’ll need to stock up on the right gear that will support your purpose. Every great hunter knows how to use their gear before they get out in the field, so be sure to learn as much as you can about the gear upon which you’ll be relying. The same should be said about fishing: be sure to test your gear before you get out in the field.

These products have been designed and engineered for outstanding performance, so you might be surprised by how much easier it is to lure fish and game to your location. It might take some time to get accustomed to using the new gear that you’re purchasing, yet it will prove itself to be invaluable throughout the course of this upcoming season. Find out what other hunters and fishing enthusiasts have to say about Delco’s products by taking time to conduct research. By using Delco products, you are putting your faith in a scientifically engineered technology that is here to make your journey much easier.

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