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Nature Is The Ultimate Giver

There is so much beauty to be found in nature. The true outdoorsman can appreciate all that our natural resources provide for survival as well as enjoyment. Specifically, hunting and fishing are always available for them to induldge in both of these outdoor activities.

There’s nothing like the sounds of nature while hunting and fishing among tall pines and crystal clear streams. The sweet sounds of birds chirping and the gentle crunch of twigs breaking as we patiently pursue our prey. It forces us to listen in awe and wonder. However, there are tools to be used that assure the safety and enthusiasm over a fresh catch.

Delco Hunting and Fishing Products For The Sportsman

The Delco brand has developed the kind of products that cater to the needs of the hunting and fishing sport of your choice. The versatility of their products allows for the hunter or fisherman to choose what’s best for a successful catch–and they work in any environment. Delco has hunting and fishing products that work with any saps, attractants, or scents.

Trapping & Luring Has Never Been Easier

As a hunter, you have developed a natural ability to listen and observe intently as you pursue your catch of the day. Delco’s DripScent product is available in a 32 ounce and 4 ounce pouch. These thin drip pouches are the first of their kind and provides a 16-day continuous drip. They can be used with different types of fillers for thick or thin liquid viscosities. Their patent pending closures are resealable, which allows for multiple refilling. Since the closure is resealable, the hunter can use their favorite gels, liquids, attractants and scents.

The long-lasting aroma of the DripScent pouch allows the scent to remain fresh. It is also good for luring and trapping wild game. Successful luring has been eminent, with bear, coyote, boar, deer, elk, and large cats. If you need to relocate the pouch, it can be recapped and transported without leaking or spillage. The recapping method protects the product from environmental dilution and it lasts for 2 days. These products are available for hunting and fishing.

Delco’s TrailBlaster Parent Unit

Hunting and fishing with Delco products by your side can change the whole outcome of your day. For the hunter, Delco’s TrailBlaster is designed with a time-released mechanism. This allows the hunter to sync the dispersing of attractants, and it works with any game feeder that is programmable. It fits any kind of aerosol can, which gives you the ability to use the scent of your choice. Once the game associates the smell to your cover scents, this condition gives the game a sense of safety and it becomes a convenient source of food.

As a central hub device, the TrailBlaster’s main unit can sync cameras as well as feeders, and daisy chains with as many as 10 TrailBlaster minis. The TrailBlaster is weather resistant and can take a beating from you and the animals it attracts.

Its casing serves as a protectant that keeps the aerosol cans from freezing, and maintains the condition of the its internal components. This Delco product was designed especially for hunters, by hunters who know the scents necessary to lure wild game. The really cool feature of this product is that it conceals the tracks of the hunter, making it easier and safer for you and fellow hunters to enjoy the sport.

A Hunter’s Dream

The TrailBlaster Mini is a smaller version of the TrailBlaster Parent Unit, but it has its very own special features. This Delco product in its mini form, can be strapped to a feeder, stand, or tree. A reinforced casing has been added for durability. Multiple nozzle variations are available, including a 90 and 360 degree burst spray nozzle for perfect angling.

The TrailBlaster Mini has a rechargeable battery by use of a micro USB port, which enhances battery life for 168 hours. This military grade product can hold up to the roughest abuse, including unwelcome critters.

With a spray range of 15 to 20 feet, the TrailBlaster mini packs a powerful spray that will dissipate a scent for hundreds of yards. A 15 ounce aerosol can, can be preset to spray at 30 minute intervals and used in all hunting season environments.

Delco Animal Specific Products

Delco has covered all the bases with their line of hunting and fishing products. Here is one that designed to lure one animal species. The DripScent Hog Feast and DripScent Hog Sauce were developed with one thing in mind. It’s a grain and corn dry wild hog attractant that is nutrient-packed for the sole purpose of trapping wild hogs. This moisture-tolerant formula has a powerful aroma that attracts hogs from far away. There are no artificial flavors or ingredients. Just a protein-based formula that will make the hunter’s day.

Fishermen Beware!

Delco’s Got You Covered

Whether your hunting and fishing enthusiasm is for work or leisure, Delco understands the importance of you having your best experience. Their fishing products have been tested to bring you the best results and eliminate the guesswork.

Delco’s brand of DripScent Fishing Lures come with a continuous drip to attract your underwater prey. Their Diatract formula has 30 years of testing behind it. This causes the fish to seek out the thickest concentration of the product. As a result, the fish become insatiable to appetite. That full feeling allows the fisherman the best opportunity to make the catch. These methods have made 21st century hunting and fishing super easy.

The DripScent Fishing Lure Drip Pouch also comes with the convenient patent pending closure. This allows refilling and use of your choice of scents to last up to 2 days.

Delco has products that suit all species. They are available in a package called the “Diatract Formula 10 All Species Combo Pack.” This scientifically derived formula has decades of university research based on fish, resulting in best case scenario for luring and capture. It was found good for all species during all seasons of hunting and fishing.

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