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A Life in the Outdoors

We all have the right to get away, to see the outdoors and to hunt down the prey we prefer. Nature was here before us, and if you’re like the hunters at Delco, then the idea of entering the wild is something that you’re drawn to. We want to help you live for the urge to hunt. Finding a place of seclusion and an abundance of wild game or fish should inspire you. Take that inspiration and equip yourself. You need an advantage if you want to outsmart nature.

Preparation is the name of the hunting game. You should always have the right ammo, the perfect rod and a few attractants that get animals aggressive and hungrier than you’ve ever seen them. Part of the work is in being comfortable while you’re in “stealth mode.” Survival instincts give largemouth bass, elk, deer and hogs a huge advantage over us. They can sense us a mile away, and you certainly don’t want to spook a trophy once it’s close.

There’s a solution that we have, for preparation must go beyond dressing the part. Our hands, feet, mouths and skin are each emitting a strong odor that travels. Though you might find it just under your nasal radar, the animals of the wild translate your scent as a danger to their livelihoods. The largest trophies of your life could be just around any bush, but with their honed instincts that keep you second guessing, you might never find them.

Let’s take your tactics and strategies to a level that you might not have considered. There’s a way to get wild prey to come to you. They’ll be so inthralled by your presentation that the sense of danger will elude them. Simply set the hook, align your rifle scope and take that shot. Our objective is not only to get deep into nature but to make the adventure worthwhile. Your family and friends should know all about your catch as you bring it home.

Why We Chose the Best Hunting and Fishing Brands

We know that you’re aware of the hype; there are millions of outdoor products that promise one thing but do another. Let’s say it up front; our team here at Delco are pro hunters and fishermen. The products we’ve crafted were first developed for our own use. Your adventure in the wild has no limits, and we know from firsthand experience. This is why our products stand up to the rugged test. Nature is ready for you, so you need to be prepared for what it has in store.

Below is the list of brands that we partner with:

– DripScent
– TrailBlaster
– Diatract


Something as small as a common fish is as cunning as any living person is. It’s because of their keen instincts. They have a huge advantage over us since we’re only using a rod and reel. Consider why we do this; there’s a reason that we put a line between us and God’s creation. It’s the sport of it all. Getting a slight edge on your favorite aquatic species calls for a tool that no one else is using. Recall that part of a fish’s instinct is its adaptation.

We’re not talking about the type that takes years to achieve. It takes a few days for a group of fish to be turned off by the presentation you’re throwing at them. If largemouth bass, for example, are given a certain lure too often, they can be turned off from eating it within a matter of minutes. There’s one thing that you haven’t mastered, and between you and us, many people on the water have overlooked this obvious advantage.

Scent has as much of an impact on a fish’s brain as does their appetite. Just consider the options below to get the fish you hunt hungrier and more aggressive.

Diatract Formula 10 All Species Combo Pack
This special formula comes in a combination package that pairs an attractant with some lures to try out. The 2-oz-liquid-formula bottle uses a recipe that was developed through years of scientific research. The ingredients were extracted from select foods that fish eat and are always attracted to. Only the things that will trigger their appetites are blended in. The bottle uses an all-season extract that will work on up to 10-different species.

What backs the science behind the formula are brainwave studies. Scientists have proven how active fish will get after sniffing this attractant on your lure. The process is simple. Get your favorite presentation or those that come with this pack. Dip them into the formula. Cast as you normally would but expect more excitement from the fish than usual.

Fishing Lure Drip Pouch
This drip pouch uses the same science as the Diatract Formula but with a different way to apply it. Dip pouches are used to chum the water. The pouch can hang from a tree while using a timed release to drip an attractive scent into the water. Depending on the species you’re after, it might be best to sit in a stationary place for a while. Preparing the water with an irresistible scent is an effective way to wait. The pouch can be refilled if you need more.

Deer and Hogs

If your only aim in hunting was to escape, then you wouldn’t have brought your rifle and an ammo case. Ambition, however, isn’t enough when the aroma we bring can chase away what we’re after. Hiding in a tree and wearing camouflage won’t mask your smell. When animals aren’t using their hearing and eyesight, their noses are at work. Only birds are known to use telescopic sight when they’re hunting.

Eagles, for example, can actually zoom in, into a specific target as they need to. Other prey, instead, rely on the smells that get lodged into the air. You have to work with this, and there’s a way to elude the keen nostrils of animals. Mask yourself in the scents that animals not only look for but that make them curious: those that lead them to put their guard down.


Scientists continue to agree. Eliminating the human aroma may not be possible when it comes to deer hunting. The next best thing is to make them think that you’re miles away when you’re actually about to pull the trigger on them. The idea behind DripScent technology is both elusiveness and allure. You’ll want to mask your scent while luring in the game you’re after. Use odors that get your prey curious and in the heat.

DripScent, being a trusted manufacturer, designed a clever system that times the release of its proprietary ingredient. Deer, bear or large cats won’t know the difference when they arrive. A masking odor must get stronger the closer the buck gets to you, and you can achieve that with the following products.

32 Ounce Thin Drip Pouch
Imagine a scented drip that lasts for up to 16 days as it continually releases the right aroma—both in the air and on the ground. You have the choice of thin and thick viscosities that work with the scent fillers of your choice. This pouch is a controlling mechanism that’s ideal for securing odors. Consider using your favorite liquid feeds, urine, drips and gels.

– 4 Ounce Thin Drip Pouch
This pouch will give you all of the promises of the 32-ounce pack but with a two-day-drip limit. The packet has a sleek carabiner on it; the entire enclosure is made from durable synthetics that you can reuse. You can expect a lifetime of use—for a variety of different wild animals. Some of those creatures include bears, coyotes, deer and large cats.


Here’s a tool that makes scent masking easier to manage and distribute. The TrailBlaster is an automated spray that releases at the times you set and program. Position a unit within a tree and have it spray in repeated cycles. This keeps your scent at bay and increases the comfort of your prey. TrailBlaster units use advanced technology and GPS-control systems. This means that you can manage their timing, locations and spray patterns from a satellite and then directly from a smartphone.

It’s safe to use a system of more than one. Consider having them in sync with the cycles and spray doses that you think are best. They can be turned on hours before you enter a field or activated as you arrive. You decide on the aroma, where and how often it’s released.

Parent Unit
The parent unit is a large module that uses aerosol cans and a bluetooth system to “daisy chain” more than one together. Each module can have up to 10-mini units connected to them. A few ideal anchors to place yours on are barns, docks, trees and near live cameras.

The Mini
The mini works on the same principles as the parent unit but has a 168-hour battery. It has a preset cycle that releases its odors every 30 minutes.


Some hunters get into debates about how difficult a hog is to kill versus a deer. The one thing we’re confident of is the strength of a hog’s snout. It’s used as two fingers, as a digging tool and to pick your scent up from across any field. For those very reasons, we created a recipe that makes it hard for hogs to find your location.

Hog Feast
For hogs, we first came up with a dry attractant to lure in the larger adults. The Hog Feast packet comes in a sealed 5-pound bag. The contents are meant for spreading around your hunting ground and can be left for days at a time while remaining effective. The recipe’s mixture is tolerant to moisture, so you can bring it with you in any weather condition.

Hog Sauce
Here’s a protein-based formula that boars can’t resist. The compound is mixed with grain and corn to create an aroma that hogs know and enjoy digging into. The scent package is potent and can spread long distances through the air. There are no artificial flavors used; each container holds an entire gallon of replacement fluid for your scent pouches.

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