Meet Pat Delehanty, Delco CEO, and Some of Delco’s Products.

Let me start off by saying that I’m an engineer-by-trade, outdoorsman-at-heart. I grew up hunting and fishing with my dad and grandpa, and for as long as I can remember I’ve always had crazy ideas for various things I could make or build or design that would work better than whatever I was currently using. I started my career as an engineer in the oil and gas industry but as my ideas for a few hunting products continued to grow and develop, I decided it was time to get out there and start to try and produce them. I made an exhausting number of phone calls trying to find an already established company to help me, but everyone either wanted to buy my ideas from me or otherwise take advantage of what I had to offer.

So, I decided to start my own company, and here we are—Delco Products. I wanted to build my own team of outdoorsmen and industry experts committed to developing high-quality products that work. I really believed (and still do) that there were some major needs in the gaming and outdoor industries that I could meet. The product ideas I had aimed at making hunting and fishing accessible to everybody—the older guy who’s been at it for 40 years and the young guy just starting out. I wanted to design products that were “universal,” meaning they would work with other products and brands people were already using. I wanted to simplify things that had become too complicated and design products that enhance the excitement of the sport. Each of our products at Delco honestly work because they make it easier for the outdoorsmen to continue doing what they’re already doing, only do it better.

Here are three things that make Delco products better than what’s currently out there:

1. Our products actually work. They work because they are researched, lab developed, and field tested. In the fishing market, we offer a product called Diatract. It’s a fish stimulant in the sense that its purpose is to help you catch fish, but it works completely differently from the other products out there. Because we know the real issue in fishing is that if the fish aren’t hungry, they wont “take the bait,” so to say, regardless of whether they are “attracted” to whatever your putting in front of them. Diatract draws fish in by actually making their brains think they’re hungry. Researchers were able to identify the precise combination of chemical compounds which excite the part of the brain that draw fish to a food source. Diatract will cause the fish to search incessantly for the heaviest concentration of the mixture while inhibiting the part of the brain that indicates a full feeling, making the fish appetite insatiable. Diatract is simple, but it works because it works differently.

2. Our products are universal. One of the first products we developed was DripScent, a dripper bag designed to work with whatever liquid scent you already use in hunting or fishing. This is one of those products that came to be after other dripper bags I’d tried fell short. Each of them failed to meet my needs in one way or another. Either they dried out, didn’t drip how they said they would, or came pre-filled with scent I didn’t want. Delco DripScent bags are made from high-quality materials, are offered for two different liquid viscosities, and their zipper-pouch design makes them reusable.

3. Our products make what you already do easier. For the hunter, Delco’s TrailBlaster is a time-released attractant dispersal unit, and it works with any game feeder that is programmable. It fits any kind of aerosol can, which gives you the ability to use the scent of your choice. Once the game associates the smell to your cover scents, this condition gives the game a sense of safety and it becomes a convenient source of food. As a central hub device, the TrailBlaster’smain unit can sync cameras as well as feeders, and daisy chains with as many as 10 TrailBlaster minis. The TrailBlasteris weather resistant and can take a beating from you and the animals it attracts. Its casing serves as a protectant that keeps the aerosol cans from freezing, and maintains the condition of the its internal components. This Delco product was designed especially for hunters, by hunters who know the scents necessary to lure wild game. The really cool feature of this product is that it conceals the tracks of the hunter, making it easier and safer for you and fellow hunters to enjoy the sport (

Our mission at Delco Products is to make your experience as an outdoorsman even better by developing products that enhance what you already do best. We are constantly thinking up new ideas for products that meet your needs as an outdoorsman in ways nothing has done before.


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